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Corruption can be De-Rooted

Corruption Can be De-Rooted 


Corruption is a great evil that has spread its poison in almost every single country in the world. As expected, developing countries suffer more from corruption than developed countries. The governments of all these countries are corrupt in almost everything, ranging from policy issues to infrastructure and developmental issues.

Corruption also creates a bad image of the country in other countries. Rich countries often give aid in the form of money and goods to the poor countries.

Corruption can be de rooted with the help to following methods.

  1. Give better salary in Govt. jobs:

Many employees in government positions receive low salary like clerks, office staff etc. Hence they expect to make money by bribery. For this they try to delay the work for so long that the client is fed up and opts for bribery for progress in the work. So low salary is one of the reasons for corruption. To curb this their salaries should be raised periodically.

  1. Increase the number of workers:

In many offices of the government sector, the work load has gone up drastically but the recruitment of vacancies has declined this gives an option for delaying the work by officials and expect monetary or other benefits for faster completion.

  1. Law to dismiss from service if found to be involved in corruption.

This seems a better option. For instance if you see  cases where anti-corruption bureau rides an officers home and finds disproportionate assets, the officer is suspended from employment and taken for judicial trials. But after couple of years you will find them in employment at same or even better positions. So this creates no fear among the officials against corruption.

  1. Keep transactions online and provide bill for every purchase:

Many of them do not pay taxes and escape this involves corruption. Making payments online through bank accounts and provision of bills for every transaction involving money. This is a better corruption watch.

  1. Camera in most Govt. offices:

In every ATM there are camera to keep a watch on the public taking their money. Then why not government offices have cameras to have a watch on the employ performance. Even there are many employ’s who openly take bribe in presence of common men. This public bribery is due to confidence that public wants their work more than the amount they are paying to them as bribes.

  1. Speed up the work process in Govt. institutes:

Most corporate offices are in full fledged running by 8-9 am. But the government offices start by 10 to 11 am and wind up by 3.30 to 4 pm with a lunch break of one & half hour in between. This indicates how much of commitment lies in the work and how fast the work goes on. If there are mistakes in the work or delay in the work, civilians have to run behind those workers to rectify or complete the work.

  1. MakeMedia responsible and fix laws to be so:

There are many major scams and corruption events involving media. Though the media is well aware of the corruption happening they stay silent due to their support for some political parties or else their owners get some monetary benefits from the rulers. Even there are many reporters who though come across some

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Causes of Unemployment

                Pakistan Population                                     Causes of Unemployment

Population of Pakistan is about 216.56 million whereas the growth rate of population is about 2.6 percent per year. The total labor force is 47.67 million, out of which 44.01 million is employed and 3.66 million is unemployed. The main cause of unemployment is as under:

  1. High Population Growth Rate.

Due to rapid increase in population unemployment rate is increasing very fast.

  1. Low Rate of Investment

In Pakistan, per capital income is very low, therefore savings are very low, hence investments are less. Due to low investment are employment opportunities are not coming up.

  1. Mechanization of Agriculture

Agriculture is under process of mechanization. Machines are replacing labor and creating unemployment. Migration from villages to cities is also a cause of increase in unemployment, as cities have already reached to the saturated level and could not absorb new job seekers.

  1. Sick Industries and Privatization

Industries are facing many problems. Many of them are at the verge of collapse due to lack of availability of imported raw material, short of demand in local market, reduction in their exports and competition with foreign imported goods. Number of sick industries is increasing day by day which is causing unemployment in the country. Moreover due to privatization policy of the government, state owned industries are being sold out to private sector, where labor is being reduced thus causing unemployment in the country.

  1. Decrease in Foreign Employment Opportunities

Due to war between Iraq and Kuwait, attack on Afghanistan and Iraq economic crises in Middle East and in other European countries, Pakistani workers have been removed from their jobs thus creating unemployment situation in the country.

      Effects of Unemployment 

Related image











In coming days the completion of CEPE Project unemployment ration will be reduce.

Image result for CPEC

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Formate of Income Statement

Format for Income Statement

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Autobiography of Bag

Autobiography of A Bag.

   I am a blue bag, made in a small factory in Pakistan that produces exclusive bags under the Silver Star brand.  After passing the Manufacturer test, i was brought into Islamabad by Road Along with a few hundred of my friends in various shapes and sizes in big departmental store.

One day I found myself hanging in a bag shop. Suddenly, a young girl, about eight years old, walked into the shop.

Her name is Sidra. She told her mother that she needed a new school bag because her previous bag had given way. So, her mother asked sidra to choose a bag that she liked. Sidra looked at the shelf and saw me. She took me down and placed me on the counter.

When I looked around, I could see lots of beautiful things. It was Sidra’s house. Then, sidra came running towards me holding books and stuff in her hands. After putting everything neatly in me, I did not feel so empty.

The next day, sidra carried me to school. I met some new friends, which are bags. After using me for a few months, I had a hole at the bottom. Sidra did not want to use me anymore. She threw me into the rubbish dump. I was so sad that a tear rolled down my eye.

After a few hours, I saw an old woman walking towards me. She picked me up and brought me into her house. She used a very thick cloth to sew the hole in me. Then she gave me to her grandson. His name was Moeen. They were very poor. He carried me to school every day. He used me for years. Through this experience, I have learnt something – being with a rich person is not the best, being with a caring person is the best.


Autobiography of a bag

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Revised Cash Book Format

Reconciliation Statement (Format)

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Festival of Pakistan

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